Hypoxia Assay

Blood cell analysis under hypoxia. Precise gas control throughout microfluidic system.


RBC sickling/unsickling

RBC sickling and unsickling is dynamically monitored in real time under flow.

Hypoxic cell adhesion

Integrated with Adhesion BioChip and Endothelium-on-a-chip.

Hypoxic microvascular occlusion

Integrated with OcclusionChip.

Hypoxic whole blood rheology

Integrated with RheologyChip


Personalized Medicine, Research, Drug Development

Targeted Therapies

Efficacy of emerging targeted therapies in SCD can be assessed under hypoxia.

Curative Therapies

NHLBI-supported multi-site study to assess RBC mediated microcapillary occlusions before and after a gene-based therapy for curative intent.

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