Whether you are a clinician or a researcher, we offer accurate and quality testing for blood disorders such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

Offering over ten types of traditional and proprietary laboratory testing on blood cell analysis

We offer quality services with the best possible performance and have developed a strong reputation for efficiency and reliability. With the client in focus, we guarantee a professional and competent response from our highly qualified staff.
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Our Assays

Adhesion BioChip
Analyze blood cell adhesion to immobilized proteins under physiologic flow
Analyze red blood cell deformability through a series of microcapillary networks
Analyze blood cell adhesion to immobilized proteins under physiologic flow
Simultaneously analyze whole blood rheology and blood cell adhesion
Hypoxia Assay
Analyze blood cell adhesion, RBC deformability, and whole blood rheology under low oxygen tension
Traditional Blood Rheology Assays
Traditional assays for whole blood and RBC rheology analysis
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We are dedicated to providing the best to our valued clients. Our staff is composed of professionally trained people with vast experience in the area.
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